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is coming back

    A few suggestions...


    A few suggestions... Empty A few suggestions...

    Post by Maxillion on Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:17 pm

    1. Increase xp rate. Not much, but maybe ~15-20 xp per hit. A level 99 stat in combat takes forever, except mage and prayer.

    2. More minigames, or finish pest control.

    3. Increase droprates on harder monsters, and maybe make it instead of dropping one coin, some might drop like 100k.

    4. Add barrows, or something like it. But make the barrows monsters very hard, and make it like a 2% drop or something.

    5. Make gilded easier to get Sad Killed 75 dusties with only a few gilded platelegs drops, lol.

    6. Add a few more skills, and maybe increase thieving and slayer xp.

    A few suggestions... Empty Re: A few suggestions...

    Post by Hellena on Tue Jun 09, 2009 2:00 pm

    to maxillon :

    1)no, it shouldnt be so easy to get maxed out -.-
    2)yes i think so too
    3)he should drop 5mil instead 1 coin
    4)there are already barrows (general) its should be the same liek it is atm
    but mage dh better again was cool
    5)no, every1 would have it then !!!
    6)yes i agree


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