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is coming back

    umm good sale

    u a e x b0w
    u a e x b0w

    umm good sale Empty umm good sale

    Post by u a e x b0w on Sun Jul 13, 2008 2:51 pm

    Kharils leatherskirt
    Kharils leathertop
    Kharils Coif(2)
    Torag Helm
    Veracs Helm
    Ahrims Robetop
    Dh Great Ax
    Kharils X-Bow
    Guthans Warspear
    Guthans Helm
    Guthans Platebody
    Ahrims Robeskirt
    Armadyl Helm
    Armadyl Skirt
    Guthans Chainskirt(3)
    And im selling 9 Saradomin GS for 30-35m ea
    Also Selling 2 Drag 2h and 3 drag b ax
    And 2 black cavaliers
    thank you dr0p d34d and Jambebus.. and sorry how u didnt get the boots.
    dr0p d34d mf
    dr0p d34d mf

    umm good sale Empty Re: umm good sale

    Post by dr0p d34d mf on Sun Jul 13, 2008 4:45 pm's iight me and jambe r rich as a bitch and we both have infin boots now Razz

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