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    Pattonscape updates AND UPCOMING EVENTS!!!


    Pattonscape updates AND UPCOMING EVENTS!!! Empty Pattonscape updates AND UPCOMING EVENTS!!!

    Post by Admin on Tue Aug 11, 2009 12:46 am

    Today i released the pattonscape web client beta the client backgroung is ***, so whoever sends me a cool one i will put it on there. I have been working hard to make Pattonscape a better game to play, so please help out and go vote for us on the top sites. IT WILL BRING MORE PLAYERS!!!

    Upcoming events: 9pm server time this Friday August 15. I will be holding a huge drop party to get the first batch of rares in FIRST AND ONLY RARES PUT INTO GAME SO FAR ONLY WAY TO GET THEM!!! [b]Dont miss it!!!!

    Changed up the Portal added a server status section and removed PattonScape v2 from the list. Added "PLAY NOW" button which will take you directly to the web client.

    Future updates include: a new mini game top secret =-).

    Web client for Hardcore.

    Full web client release

    Changes to shops.

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