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    Runescape Music Video Tribute


    Runescape Music Video Tribute

    Post by gigglebash on Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:57 am

    Hi everyone, Ive decided that I'm going to make a music video on Runescape to the song So far away by Crossfade.

    This song is going to be a tribute to Fallen Runescapee's.

    It is a tribute to the fallen friends and relatives we have lost over the years to cancer and other illness's. hopeing jagex see's this video..

    If you would like to take place in this video Your names will be recorded and put into the credits.. this may not get us anything, but it is a nice thing to do.. Also if you have a youtube Account you would have Rights to use the video, to gain more subscribers.. Anyone with Photo Shop that knows me that wants to help me edit the Video Would be appreciated very much..

    Thank you Sincerily,

    Former Admin Travis.

    Ps. If you need to get ahold of me my Yahoo is Im on instant messanger from 4pm East atlantic American time to 11:00pm..

    Re: Runescape Music Video Tribute

    Post by Public Boolean on Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:01 pm

    Edit with Sony Vegas, not photoshop, I've been using Photoshop for a number of years, it is not the best to modifying videos, i literally just found a way to make a crosshatch without drawing XD, Good Luck, and if i find time my Rs user is Helgasts rul, PM me if i go online tell me When and where Wink

    Re: Runescape Music Video Tribute

    Post by siegeballa08 on Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:05 am

    nice acc kyle, i just looked it up

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    Re: Runescape Music Video Tribute

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