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    TO ALL PLAYERS--- Im back

    TO ALL PLAYERS--- Im back Empty TO ALL PLAYERS--- Im back

    Post by Admin on Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:24 am

    Hello everyone its me brice, i just wanted to tell you all i will be coming backto work on pattonscape starting today. i will be busting my butt trying to get Pattonscape back to how it was 3 or 4 months ago. I am very sorry about me being gone, and the game not being up as much as it should be. You have to look at it though my poing of view, i have put over 1 year into working on my site, my game, and providing the best Game that i possibly can to people for No charge, and the past few months, what have i got in return, lots of people complaining, and talking trash about me. Now im back and im ready to get pattonscape back on its feet, i will be opening a new topic in the suggestions section of the forums, i want EVERYONE to post suggestions for pattonscape, and i will do my best to fix them.

    Also i will be gettting new staff members, if you are interested please send a pm to ADMIN on the site.

    Anothing thing i would like to do is thank all the loyal pattonscape players for sticking though the hard times in pattonscape.

    TO ALL PLAYERS--- Im back Empty Re: TO ALL PLAYERS--- Im back

    Post by Admin_Jester on Wed Apr 22, 2009 9:57 pm

    You're Welcome

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