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    rules explained


    rules explained Empty rules explained

    Post by Owner_Brice! on Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:27 am

    100% credit to Admin Travis!

    1. No hacking, spamming, or advertising
    2. No scamming
    3. No abusing other players in any way
    4. No gold farming on multi accounts
    5. No asking for mod or admin!
    6. Do Not ::noclip you WILL get autobanned
    7. No luring!! First, you get a warning, Then you get banned.
    8. Do not use bots or autoclickers, that equals a perm ban no exceptions.
    9. You cannot be a member of, or any other allan website, auto ip ban if convicted!
    10. Do Not Spam.
    11. No Advertising, hacking, or crashing the server. " will result in legal action"
    12. no barrages due to glitches.
    13. No duping, or accepting duped items
    14. Pattonscape staff will never ask for your Password!

    1 no hacking spamming or advertising.


    This rule, includes glitching, unfortunantly Dds glitch and veng glitch happen spontaneously now, the glitches that follow for this would be Range glitching, Range glitching is when a person attacks you and Teleports to a far away area that is "Wild" and continues to attack you, If you see this video it. Or if you find a new glitch in the game and use it to gain advantage over the other players.


    Any spamming is against the rules, If you spam on chat against a warning then you will be banned for 2 standard days, if you advertie after a warn you will be banned for 2 standard days, if you repeat a simular question multiple times in a matter of seconds, or use auto talk it is a warn then ban (auto talk is perm ban it is a bot), if you adverties after warning on game it is a ban, if you adverties on forms after warn your post will be deleted and then you will be banned, if you spam on forms then spam in "Spam and rants" part of forms.


    Scamming comes in many ways. Some examples would be, black mail, impersonating staff, Trade glitching. Black mail is when a person finds out a secret or knows u have an item that you shouldn't have, (I.E. Glowing dagger, dark dagger, Meeting Notes etc.) and using this against u to get items from you.(give the item to an admin and then report the black mail.
    Impersonating staff, would be using a staffs name or making a charecter with owner of staffs name and using it to scam passwords and or items from players. Trade glitching, this has a slight fall back because sometimes it isn't the players fault, if your glitched video or screenshot it and post it on report players.

    no abusing players in any way:

    There are hundreds of things that fall under this rule, such as; telling a player they shouldn't be on the server or be banned(report players in report player Form with reasons of abuse as player). Attacking a players gender and or sexual orientation by calling them a F** because they are homosexual or a C**T because they are a female. Attacking a person race and or religion by making bad examples of them, and by attacking the religion or race it self while a player is present. Telling a Mod/admin/owner/Co that they should be demoted and or Banned(Post reasons of abuse in Admin abuse but still do not state they should be demoted or banned that is for owner to decide). Attacking someones culture or Acsent. Telling a person to shut up multiple Times just because they are annoying (Freedom of speech and expression unless it is spam). There are lots more.

    No gold farming on multi accounts:

    This is simple, You are allowed to have multiple accounts but you are in no circumstance allowed to trade items between the accounts and or making new accounts just to get the Starter Items food, or make Multiple accounts so that you can raise your Pking Points(this is also a glitch) if we catch you gold farming or abusing the Pk point glitch we will warn you to stop and then ban you.

    no asking for mod/Admin:

    This rule is also simple do not ask by any means which follows for;
    Posting a poll that states if you should be mod or admin, Or posting a poll saying someone shouldn't be mod or admin is same thing as asking. Asking for it from owner or Co owner. Bribes for Mod or admin, posting about how another person should be mod( you and the other person will be banned if you continue after being warned post will be deleted). This is the simplest rule of all of them DO NOT ASK PERIOD

    Do not use ::nopclip it is an autoban:

    You will get auto banned so dont attempt to do this, or attempt to Glitch it, you will be ip banned if done.

    No luring, First offense is warning second is ban:

    Luring is of the following; Luring creatures from 1 area to a Safe area like home or a bank in wild. Or by luring players by telling them an area is safe then killing them. Telling taking advantage of new players and telling them to go to wild when they dont know what it is and killing them. There's more examples but these are the major ones.

    Do not use autoclickers or bot:

    This is an Auto Perminant ban if caught bots include the following: Auto talker, Auto miners for cutting wood, mining fighting etc. if caught doing any of these its an automatic Perm Ban.

    You cannot be a member of, or any other allan website, auto ip ban if convicted:

    Allan is a hacker, and uses these websites to Hack you, and or steal pattonscape members, so dont become part of his website remember ip ban if convicted.

    No crashing server:

    This follows by spamming, or using Syipker's to crash our server its an auto ip ban if you Crash pattonscape.

    No vulgar language:

    This also follows under Abusing players, But also adds no Swearing, if you swear it is 2 warnings and then Auto ban this Site is Rated E and is a Family Game if you cant be mature enough to keep from Attacking players with vulgar language racism, Sexism, or religion then dont bother being on this game because you will just get banned.

    The other part of rules are repeat's. These are examples in no way have i changed the rules, i just posted what would fall under them. I am not making new rules i am not Suggesting new Rules Brice has recieved a Request for more detailed rules i am just posting these Detailed Set so that players have a better understanding..

    No duping or accepting duped items.


    This rule says it all, in brices post on future updates

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